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Our exciting collection of sculptures can be found on permanent display all around the City. With works by a wide range of artists including Antony Gormley, Barry Flanagan, Sir Anthony Caro, Lee Grandjean and John Maine, Peterborough has many artworks that inspire and delight.

Take a look through the website to find out more about the sculptures and our programme of educational and development work, including guided tours and poetry workshops. You can add to the site, too; if you have taken any pictures of the sculptures, please share them in the 'Your Images' section of the site - as more people add their photographs, you will soon see how the works transform throughout the seasons as the weather affects their surfaces and their surroundings change with time.

We hope that the site encourages you to explore Peterborough and discover the sculptures for yourselves, forming your own views of what each is about. The best place to start is Thorpe Meadows in Nene Park where the majority of our sculptures are situated. You can choose your own route as you stroll around the lovely park. There are many other sculptures throughout the City, too; dowload the maps from this site to help you find these fantastic pieces.

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Sculpture is for people

'Sculpture is for people' by Tony Warner

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