About Peterborough Sculpture Trust

Our aim is to enhance the enjoyment and appreciation of the Arts in Peterborough, developing and maintaining the collection of sculptures on public display throughout the City. The Trust was set up in 1988 by the Peterborough Development Corporation. Under the New Towns Act, the Corporation itself was set up in 1968 with the task of overseeing the expansion of the City and as part of this it sought to encourage an appreciation of the arts, purchasing a selection of sculptures by major British artists between 1978 and 1988 for permanent public display throughout the City.

The Corporation's aim was to create a reference point in time for future generations growing up in the new City, relating the artistic activity and aims of the best British sculptors working at the time with the architectural style and planning during the period of expansion.

Peterborough Sculpture Trust was set up to carry on this work and owns all of the sculptures bought by the Corporation. We have a programme of educational and development work to further enhance the appreciation and provision of the arts in Peterborough, continuing to add new works by the best of today's sculptors. We also offer a consultancy service enabling local businesses and developments to more easily commission new works with the benefits of our years of experience. 

There are now 26 pieces in our permanent collection, plus other works on loan from artists and other organisations. Most are situated on sites developed by the Corporation, in shopping centres, old persons housing and public parks. Recent additions to the collection include Cormorant by Elizabeth Cooke, A Spire by Renn & Thacker and People by Tolleck Winner.

The Trust is currently:

Chris Mardell – Chairman
Joanna Borrett
Ian Duckworth
David Bath
Karen Harvey
Bob Hicks
Shelagh Smith

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Montage of Sculptures

'Montage of Sculptures' by Terry Brignall

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